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Influential Cannabis Icons

For as long as cannabis has consumed the minds of prohibitionists, politicians, and lawmakers, there have been influential cannabis icons that have popularized the drug, bringing it into the mainstream. These icons play a momentous […]

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Brand Spotlights: Cannabis Inc.

For the fifth installment of our Brand Spotlights series, North is happy to feature Cannabis Inc., which provides cannabis products for Missouri from Missouri. As always, North Dispensaries chooses to work with only the best […]

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Cannabis & Horror Movies

Halloween is just around the corner! There are many reasons why people love the holiday. Still, for the most part, Halloween attracts those who go nuts for the macabre, gory, terrifying, and mystifying. One thing […]

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Brand Spotlights: Robust

North only works with the best cannabis companies in Missouri to ensure its customers receive the highest quality products. Each company North works with sets high standards of excellence, and Robust is no different. Robust […]

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Brand Spotlights: Flora Farms

Flora Farms is a Missouri-owned and operated medical marijuana producer and distributor. Its mission is simple: provide access to high-quality, medical-grade marijuana. Whether you’re looking for flower, edibles, concentrates, or tinctures, they have it all. […]

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Brand Spotlights: Honeybee

Have you ever wondered how North gets so many delicious chocolate and gumdrop cannabis-infused edibles? Well, you’ll be feeling the buzz with some Honeybee’s award-winning chocolates and real fruit gumdrops. This St. Louis brand is […]

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The Benefits of Keeping a Cannabis Journal

You can keep a cannabis journal for several reasons. Not only does journaling your experiences make you more mindful, but it also helps identify and achieve your goals regarding consuming cannabis. This is especially helpful […]

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The Benefits of Buying Legal Cannabis

Now that more states are legalizing cannabis for medical and recreational purposes, it’s time we take a hard look at why legally purchasing cannabis is better for you and those around you. Cannabis has long […]

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