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Brand Spotlights: Cannabis Inc.

Cannabis Inc. In Missouri

For the fifth installment of our Brand Spotlights series, North is happy to feature Cannabis Inc., which provides cannabis products for Missouri from Missouri. As always, North Dispensaries chooses to work with only the best that Missouri has to offer so they can provide the highest quality medical cannabis products to their clients.

Read on to learn more about Cannabis Inc. and why North is so excited to work with such an amazing brand.

About Cannabis Inc.

Cannabis Inc.’s mission is to create the safest possible medical cannabis products that all patients can enjoy. They believe that nature provides everything we need to survive and that artificial ingredients, additives, and chemicals have the potential to harm our bodies.

To ensure that its products are as pure and safe as possible, Cannabis Inc. creates its full-spectrum solventless-derived medical cannabis products in small batches, making it easier for them to control the quality of everything they produce.

The company’s dedication to creating the perfect cannabis extracts makes them a premier source of concentrates, edibles, cooking ingredients, and more.

Cannabis Inc. Products

LiRo Cart

This solventless live rosin vape cartridge is truly incredible. The solventless live rosin is placed into Cannabis Inc.’s all-glass cartridge, enhancing each strain’s true flavor. The all-glass cartridge also ensures that the rosin never encounters any metal surfaces, eliminating the concern of heavy metals leaching into your vapes. Enhance your vaping experience with the LiRo Cart.


Cannabis Inc. produces various high-quality concentrates, such as:

  • Cold cure live hash rosin – a full-spectrum, cold-cured, solventless extract made from ultra-refinement and mechanical separation technology. Its color and texture will vary based on terpene profiles, genetics, and harvest cycle.
  • Live shatter – characterized by a potent and stable shatter consistency. It can be smoked or vaped and melts down like water for an ultra-smooth finish for a clean, top-shelf experience.
  • Live rosin jam – provides a long-lasting and delicious experience with a combination of THCa diamonds and terpene sauce.


Have you ever wanted to create your own cannabis-infused dishes? Cannabis Inc. has you covered.

  • Ghee (clarified butter) – it allows you to medicate with your favorite recipe. All you have to do is include the intended dose of the full-spectrum, rosin-infused ghee, and you have a medicine personalized to your tastes and needs.
  • Coconut oil – you can use this product to replace cooking oil in almost any recipe. From salads to pancakes, know that you can medicate the way you want with this full-spectrum, rosin-infused oil.


Are you tired of looking for the perfect edibles? Well, you’ve come to the right place.

  • Brownie – a modern take on this classic that everyone will enjoy, Cannabis Inc. creates an effective and delicious edible that is also gluten-free, nut-free, and vegan.
  • Greenola bites – if you’re looking for a well-rounded edible that is delectable and healthy, these greenola bites are the way to go. It contains no refined sugars and is loaded with oats, pepitas, hemp seeds, dried cranberries, and local Missouri honey. Ten pieces contain 5 mg of THC, making this product an excellent introduction to edibles or a quick low dose. It is also gluten-free and nut-free.

Rosin Tincture

Available in 100 mg and 250 mg, this potent tincture is exceptionally effective. It is made with MCT oil, full-spectrum hash rosin, sunflower lecithin, and cinnamon extract. A great way to medicate on the go, use the dropper to place your dose under your tongue, and wait 20 to 30 seconds before swallowing.

Cannabis Inc. Products at North Dispensaries

North Dispensaries is comprised of two Missouri locations. Each location carries its own selection of Cannabis Inc. products.

Pevely Location

  • Cake Crasher Live Rosin (concentrate) – a sativa rosin from Terrapin’s Cake Crasher strain
  • Master Yoda Live Rosin (concentrate) – a hybrid (a mix of sativa and indica strains) rosin
  • Cake Crasher Live Rosin Jam (concentrate) – a sativa rosin
  • Cookies N Cream (live rosin vape) – a hybrid vape cartridge

Hillsboro Location

  • Ghee (clarified butter) – 100 mg of THC in each jar; 1 tsp = 5 mg THC and 1tbsp = 15 mg THC
  • Cake Crasher Live Rosin (concentrate) – a sativa rosin
  • GG#4 (live rosin vape) – a hybrid vape cartridge
  • Mango Cookies (live rosin vape) – a hybrid vape cartridge
  • Master Yoda (live rosin vape) – a hybrid vape cartridge
  • Master Yoda Live Rosin (concentrate) – a hybrid rosin
  • Cake Crasher Live Rosin Jam (concentrate) – a sativa rosin

North Dispensaries

Visit our Pevely or Hillsboro locations today so you can get a taste of some of what Cannabis Inc. has to offer.

When shopping at North Dispensaries, know that you’re in good hands, as any product we carry we’ve selected with your health and wellness in mind.

Visit our website today to learn more about medical cannabis and the brands that we carry.

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