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Brand Spotlights: Honeybee

Honeybee Edibles

Have you ever wondered how North gets so many delicious chocolate and gumdrop cannabis-infused edibles? Well, you’ll be feeling the buzz with some Honeybee’s award-winning chocolates and real fruit gumdrops.

This St. Louis brand is lovingly named after the Missouri state insect and is intended to serve medical cannabis patients who know how to enjoy the sweetness of life. Please keep reading to learn more about Honeybee and all it offers!

About Honeybee

Honeybee’s tasty treats are curated and produced by the Director of Culinary, Chef Dave Owens. Before working for Honeybee, Dave spent over a decade as the Chief Chocolatier and Vice President of Taste at Bissinger’s Handcrafted Chocolatier, so this man knows a thing or two about delicious candy.

According to Dave, “The opportunity for me to get to do what I love while helping those who are in need of cannabis’ benefits is really a treat.”

What makes Honeybee unique is that they source the finest European chocolates, the most flavorful natural fruit purees from around the globe (no artificial flavors), and their premium cannabis distillate.

Honeybee’s Real Fruit Gumdrops

Honeybee is proud to produce sweet and chewy gumdrops made with natural fruit from around the world. They carry several different flavors and potencies. These include:

  • Grapefruit calamansi lime – 100 mg THC per package
  • Passionfruit guava – 100 mg THC per package
  • Black cherry cola – 100 mg THC per package
  • Sour raspberry lemonade – 100 mg THC per package
  • Sour watermelon passion fruit – 100 mg THC/100 mg CBD per package
  • Sour cherry lime – 20 mg THC/ 200 mg CBD per package
  • High-potency black cherry cola – 300 mg THC per package
  • High-potency sour watermelon passion fruit – 300 mg THC/300 mg CBD per package

Each package comes with 20 gumdrops and clearly states the potency on the package of one gumdrop, making dosing simple.

For more information on ingredients and nutritional facts, click here.

Honeybee’s Artisan Chocolates

You’ll never get enough of these chef-crafted chocolate bars made with deluxe European chocolates, premium toppings, and THC. The flavors include:

  • Banana + Candied Black Walnut – white chocolate; 100 mg THC per bar
  • Sticky bun – milk chocolate; 100 mg THC per bar
  • Salted brownie batter – dark chocolate; 100 mg THC/100 CBD per bar
  • Cherry pistachio – white chocolate; 100 mg THC per bar
  • Peanut + pretzel – milk chocolate; 100 mg THC per bar
  • Strawberry crunch – caramelized white chocolate; 100 mg THC per bar
  • Toasted coconut + sea salt – milk chocolate; 100 mg THC/100 mg CBD per bar
  • High-potency peanut + pretzel – milk chocolate; 300 mg THC per bar
  • High-potency strawberry crunch – caramelized white chocolate; 300 mg THC per bar
  • High-potency toasted coconut + sea salt – milk chocolate; 300 mg THC/300 mg CBD per bar

Each chocolate bar is clearly labeled with potency and divided into ten even squares, making dosing easy.

For more information on ingredients and nutritional facts, click here.

Edible Guide

The following information is what to expect per gram of THC consumed via edibles. Remember, the effects and onset of edibles may vary by user.

  • 1 – 2.5 mg: this range is suitable for beginners and those seeking only mild effects. It may relieve pain, anxiety, and aid in sleeping.
  • 2.5 – 10 mg: expect feelings of euphoria, laughter, and more substantial symptom relief.
  • 10 – 20 mg: if you are not an experienced cannabis user who consumes it at least a few times a week, we recommend not surpassing 10 mg. Expect to feel strong euphoria and sedation.
  • 20 + mg: these high dosages are best saved for patients with conditions requiring a very high dose.

There are two main types of edibles:

  1. Sublingual – these dissolve under your tongue. Examples include tinctures, hard candies, and mints. They will have a faster onset than orally ingested edibles, with patients often feeling the effects within 15 minutes. Once you feel the effects, they can last between two and three hours.
  2. Orally Ingested – these are ingested and processed by the liver. Examples include chocolate bars, gumdrops, and baked goods. Expect these to gradually take effect over 30 to 60 minutes (it can sometimes take up to two hours!), with a typical total duration between four and eight hours.

After consuming an edible, we recommend you wait at least two hours before consuming any more. Try starting at a dose of 2.5 mg or 5 mg, wait two to four hours, and gauge how you feel.

Do you have additional questions about Honeybee Products? Check out their FAQ page or contact them today!

North Dispensaries Carries Honeybee Products!

I’m sure by now, your mouth is watering, and your mind is whirling with cannabis-infused fantasies of jaw-dropping gumdrops and superb chocolates.

Make your fantasies a reality and shop at North! Check out our Pevely and Hillsboro menus to see which Honeybee products we’re currently carrying. You can stop by and shop in the dispensary, order online and pick up at our drive-thru, or order online and have your goods delivered!

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