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Brand Spotlights: Illicit

Brand Spotlights: Illicit

North Dispensaries caters to many different types of medical cannabis users. To ensure that we meet the needs of each one, we partner with various cannabis companies that produce a wide array of products. This blog is just the first of many, highlighting the vital partnerships that allow North to treat our customers right.

Keep reading to learn more about the first partner highlighted in this series: Illicit.

Why The Name “Illicit?”

The company chose the name Illicit to highlight the rampant hypocrisy in the legal system towards cannabis and the thousands of people still incarcerated for cannabis-related offenses that should be freed immediately.

Along with providing high-quality cannabis products into the medical cannabis mainstream, Illicit works with local and national advocacy groups to support the release of cannabis POWs.

They believe that Missouri and the United States have reached a vital tipping point in our collective consciousness. What was once illicit will now be a new beginning.

How Does Illicit Work?

Illicit is an inclusive and consumer-conscious brand that goes the distance to ensure high-quality cannabis products.


  • Feature a premier genetic library with over 30 strains hand-selected and pheno-hunted by their Master Growers
  • Utilize a state-of-the-art “bio-security” system that eliminates all contaminants in the air and on all surfaces
  • Hand trim everything because it produces better-looking buds and a higher potency; machine trimming may be faster, but it damages the trichomes and the buds
  • Treat each strain with their proprietary drying and curing techniques to maximize the cannabinoid and terpene content of the flower; all done by hand

Illicit has also created a job training program for recently released non-violent drug offenders to assist in their re-entry to society. Their 160 employees keep a watchful eye on every part of the cultivation, and Illicit continuously invests in their training and education.

Illicit Freedoms Campaign

This campaign aims to shed light on an unbalanced criminal justice system condemning cannabis offenders.

Currently, the campaign features eight prisoners of the “war on drugs,” also known as POWs, who served their time and are free to share their life-changing stories.

Each POW’s time in prison costs taxpayers about $120 per day, according to the average annual COIF for a Federal inmate in a Federal facility in 2020.

What Type of Products Does Illicit Provide?

Illicit provides options for:

  • Pre-packed eighths – made from their premium flower
  • Vapes-live resin – provides everything their flower offers in a discreet, compact, and concentrated method of inhalation; available in 0.5g and 1.0g sizes
  • Vapes-classy carts – distillate cartridges that contain high-quality oil
  • Dapper disposables – an all-in-one CCELL pod that holds 300mg of premium Illicit cannabis oil
  • 1g pre-rolls – only made from hand-trimmed flower and NEVER from shake or trim
  • Smokos – a smaller version of a joint; five per pack
  • Concentrates – butane hash oil concentrates (BHO) and non-BHO concentrates are available
  • Vape batteries

What Can You Find at North?

So, which Illicit products can you find at North? Check out our Pevely and Hillsboro menus to find out!

Head North Today!

North believes in what Illicit is doing. It’s vital to supply high-quality, regulated cannabis to medical users. It ensures quality control and funds movements like Illicit’s stance on decriminalizing cannabis and those who need it.

For more information about North and what we offer, visit our website today!

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