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Redefining ‘I Do’: The Rise of Cannabis-Inclusive Weddings at North Dispensary

Join us as we venture behind the scenes of an extraordinary styled shoot that seamlessly blends the world of weddings with the acceptance of cannabis. At North Dispensary, we had the incredible opportunity to collaborate with a talented team of wedding vendors in MO, pushing boundaries and redefining the traditional wedding experience. This shoot not only celebrates love and creativity but also aims to introduce couples to the concept of legal weed/bud bars at weddings, promote weekday elopements, push gender norms, and celebrate same-sex marriage. As we dive into the details, we invite you to explore the possibilities and envision a wedding that truly reflects your unique love story.

Inspiring Change and Challenging Norms:

At North Dispensary, we believe in fostering a community of like-minded creatives who are passionate about revolutionizing the wedding industry. This styled shoot serves as an inspiration for couples who dare to dream differently and are eager to infuse their special day with cannabis culture. With the recent legalization in MO venues are just starting to offer weed friendly weddings following suit with other states like CA, TN, OR, IL, and CO, where the acceptance of cannabis at weddings has already taken root. Could MO be the next state to embrace the MJ revolution? Only time will tell.

Collaborating Vendors:

This styled shoot brought together a talented group of vendors who are reimagining traditional wedding celebrations. Let’s take a moment to recognize and appreciate their remarkable contributions:

The Shoot: Unveiling Unconventional Love

The picturesque Knotting Hills served as the backdrop for this visionary shoot. With its captivating garden area, it provided the perfect setting for a mock same-sex elopement wedding. The talented photographers expertly captured the essence of love, while the meticulously styled table setting for eight and the alluring “bud bar” added an innovative twist to the celebrations.

North Dispensary and the Bud Bar Experience:

As advocates for cannabis-infused celebrations, North Dispensary was invited to participate in this groundbreaking shoot. Our dispensary proudly provided products for the unique Bud Bar and floral concepts, showcasing the possibilities of incorporating cannabis into weddings. From specialty strains and edibles to stylish accessories, we aimed to inspire couples and encourage them to think beyond traditional wedding norms.

North Dispensary looks forward to future collaborations with vendors and the opportunity to explore licensing partnerships with establishments like Knotting Hills.

Love is ever-evolving, and weddings should reflect the diverse stories and passions of the couples who embark on this beautiful journey. The styled shoot at Knotting Hills, infused with the creativity of North Dispensary and other talented vendors, reimagined the wedding experience. We invite you to break boundaries, challenge norms, and embrace the magic of love entwined with cannabis. Let this styled shoot be the inspiration you need to create a wedding celebration that truly reflects your unique love story.

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