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Methods of Consuming Medical Marijuana


Times are changing and so is the stigma surrounding the consumption of medical marijuana. In the past, people assumed that someone smoking marijuana was doing so illegally. Today, however, there are many patients who need to consume it in a variety of ways for important medicinal reasons. Here are several methods that patients can choose from after receiving their medical marijuana card

Smoking for Instant Relief

One of the most well-known ways to consume medical marijuana, smoking provides relief to the user instantaneously. Start by placing the recommended portion for you into a pipe or onto a piece of paper that can be rolled. Next, simply light the far end and inhale the smoke.

North Fact #1: A major difference between smoking medical marijuana and tobacco is that one comes with helpful cannabinoids and the other addictive nicotine.

Munching on Edibles

If you’re not a smoker, then consider trying edibles to help you recover from your diagnosis. There are many ways to eat these and they all can be quite tasty. Either bake a brownie for yourself or buy items straight from a dispensary like North. Think gummy bears, cookies, and even healthy snacks like nuts. 

North Fact #2: This method will take longer to take effect so let your edible digest before eating more. Do not take anything on an empty stomach.

Infusing Your Favorite Drink

Another flavorful alternative to inhaling, medical marijuana-infused drinks can be more effective than edibles. Drinking soda, coffee, and even tea can make a relaxing experience such as taking your prescription that much better. 

North Fact #3: Cannabinoids in medical marijuana-infused drinks will be absorbed by the body faster than edibles that need to be digested.

Inhaling a Vapor

According to, “When you vape, you heat marijuana’s active compounds at low temperatures. There’s no burning or combustion at these low temperatures like there is with smoking.” The website continues to explain that CBD oil and raw medical marijuana can be vaped.

North Fact #4: In order to vape, you must also purchase the proper device. North will soon have several options of vape pens for you to choose from at their two Missouri dispensaries.

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