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How To Apply for a Missouri Medical Marijuana Card

Applying for a medical card

There’s been excitement growing throughout the state of Missouri ever since medical marijuana gained a favorable vote in 2018. However, those who need it the most may be unsure of how they can legally purchase it for their health concerns in the upcoming months. Before heading straight to dispensaries like North, continue reading to learn how to apply for a Missouri medical marijuana card.

Schedule an Appointment for Physician Certification

The first step is to schedule an appointment for physician certification with a Missouri-licensed physician. They will work directly with you to see if you meet the necessary qualifications. North recommends Dr. Judd of Midwest GreenCert. To schedule an appointment with Dr. Judd, visit

Once you have received your physician certification form, you have 30 days to apply. If approved, your card will be active for one year. Through Dr. Judd, you will not be charged if you do not qualify.

MO Qualifications

To qualify for a Missouri medical marijuana card, you must be a Missouri resident and 18 years or older. Qualifying medical conditions include those that are normally treated with a prescription medication that could lead to physical or psychological dependence. To learn more, visit the Missouri Department of Health & Senior Services.   

Required Information and Forms

There are several forms that are required when submitting your application. First, obtain your completed written certification form from a qualified physician and fill out your application form. Next, photocopy your Missouri-issued driver’s license or state ID. Make sure that your name and address on your application form matches your identification.

Application Process

The application process begins when you register for an account on the Missouri Medical Marijuana Portal. On this site, you will create and complete an application before uploading the documents mentioned previously. Simply enter your payment for the nonrefundable application fee next and submit for approval. For a complete walkthrough of the application process, please visit Midwest GreenCert.

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