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Debunking Common Cannabis Myths

When you think of cannabis, what do you think of? Do you think of its ability to help treat pain, anxiety, depression, insomnia, and more, or does your mind stray to negative connotations associated with the plant? Odds are your perception of cannabis has been jaded by the stigmas that have plagued the cannabis-using community for decades. Keep reading and learning as we debunk some of the most common cannabis myths.

Myth-Cannabis Is a Gateway Drug

Fact: It’s also crucial to point out that there is no scientific proof that cannabis leads to other drug use. Instead, scientists believe that drug use, precisely that of harder drugs, is linked to environmental factors, like access to drugs and the age at which one is exposed to drugs, as well as a genetic predisposition to doing drugs.

Myth-Cannabis Kills Brain Cells

Fact: No evidence suggests that cannabis use causes memory loss or adverse effects on brain cells. This legend derives from an old study where scientists studied cannabis use in primates. Scientists observed changes in the primates’ brain cells, but actual cell death did not occur. Multiple scientific studies have also concluded that regular cannabis consumers’ IQ scores did not drop over time as they consumed more cannabis. Furthermore, other researchers have even used MRI scans to prove no difference between users and non-users.

Myth-Cannabis Makes You Lazy

Fact: Cannabis affects everyone differently. There are also different strains of cannabis (Sativa, Indica, and hybrid) that provide differing experiences. Some strains, mainly those high in Indica, are considered better suited for a relaxed environment. However, those high in Sativa have been known to provide a creative and euphoric experience that helps people battle things like depression and chronic pain. With barriers like those out of the way, it can be argued that cannabis can actually help people get out of bed and take on the day. Overall, cannabis doesn’t make you lazy. If anything, laziness is an inherent personality trait that you have to work to overcome regardless of if you use cannabis or not.

Myth-Legalizing Cannabis Increases Crime

Fact: Of course, if you’re caught with cannabis in a state that has not legalized it, then yes, you’re increasing crime, but are you not increasing violent crime. There is a belief that the existence of cannabis in a community will somehow increase violent crime. Some people find it easy to associate cannabis with things like robberies and violence, particularly if they consider it a gateway drug. However, calling cannabis a gateway drug automatically places it in the same category as other hard drugs, which is simply unfair. According to the FBI Uniform Crime Report, the legalization of cannabis actually reduces crime rates, whereas 25-30% of violent crimes are related to alcohol. Also, you should remember what cannabis does to the human body. It often calms us down. Individuals are much less likely to commit a violent crime when they’re chilled out.

Myth-Cannabis Causes Cancer

Fact: It’s true that when you smoke anything, you’re inhaling carcinogens. However, compared to cigarette smokers, cannabis smokers smoke much less cannabis to reach their desired effects, meaning they consume a much smaller amount of carcinogens. A 2006 study from UCLA even concluded that heavy cannabis use does not lead to lung cancer. They found no correlation and suggested that heavy cannabis use offered some protective effect. This and other studies indicate that cannabis can inhibit the growth of cancer cells rather than promote growth. You also should keep in mind that there are different ways of consuming cannabis than by smoking it. So, if you’re worried about carcinogens, there are several alternative consumption methods you can try!

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