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Cannabis Strains: Indica vs. Sativa

Cannabis Sativa

As North prepares to open our first Missouri dispensary, we understand that not every patient with a recommendation for medicinal cannabis is going to be familiar with the products we will soon provide. For example, did you know that cannabis is available in two different strains? Continue reading to learn more about cannabis indica, cannabis sativa, and how to find the right strain for you.

Cannabis Indica

Indica plants can be identified by their short height and wide, dark green leaves. Usually, they contain more CBD than THC. Patients who choose this particular strain are generally seeking something to relax them before sleep. 

Cannabis Sativa

Sativa plants are known for their height (reaching 12+ feet) and skinny leaves. There is typically more THC than CBD in this strain. Patients seeking more energy and to experience less anxiety during the day will tend to select sativa.

Finding the Right Strain for You

While knowing the difference between indica and sativa gives you a point of reference, there are additional factors to consider when selecting a strain – like their blend of cannabinoids and terpenes. Asking for this information in store or researching it online will give you a better idea on how your body might react to the product.


Cannabinoids, or the chemical compounds found in flowering cannabis plants, most commonly include CBD and THC. Each of these provides medicinal benefits, but only THC provides a high. CBD can treat inflammation, nausea, anxiety, and other conditions. THC can treat pain, lack of appetite, glaucoma, and more. Deciding what works best for you will help in selecting a particular strain of cannabis.


Terpenes, or the oily compounds that plants secrete in order to produce a distinct aroma, include myrcene, pinene, limonene, humulene, and linalool. While all of these have their own benefits and aromas, you will be the one who has a particular preference. If you don’t like how a strain smells, switch to a new one.

Sourcing Medicinal Cannabis

After learning about the different strains of cannabis and how their overall composition can impact your experience, the next step is to source. Look into the dispensary itself and find out who grows the cannabis. Cannabis indica is used to the climates of the Middle East while cannabis sativa prefers living in conditions similar to Central America. If they are grown differently, then they will provide varying benefits and have different levels of cannabinoids and terpenes.

Don’t settle for a dispensary that tries to sell you on anything less than the full picture. North will soon be able to recommend the strains that you will get the most out of long-term.

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