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How To Apply for Your Medical Marijuana Card

Dr. Judd of Midwest GreenCert

Need to get registered for a Missouri Medical Marijuana Card? Head over to Greencert MD to get registered with Dr. Judd today.

Dr. Judd of Greencert MD is here to help and to answer your questions! Here are the simple steps needed to get certified:

  1. Schedule an appointment with a qualified physician. This can be you primary care physician, or someone like Dr. Judd who specializes in medical certifications.
  2. Meet with the doctor and discuss your medical diagnosis and provide any medical records if possible.
  3. Fill out the state certification form and submit to the state’s online portal.
  4. Get your medical card in the mail!

If you have additional questions or are ready to apply for your card, visit to schedule a virtual appointment, or visit the ExpressMart in Pevely or Hillsboro and use the available kiosks to get certified with Dr. Judd today!

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