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Brand Spotlights: Illicit

North Dispensaries caters to many different types of medical cannabis users. To ensure that we meet the needs of each one, we partner with various cannabis companies that produce a wide array of products. This […]

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A Beginner’s Guide to Edibles

Edibles are different foods or beverages infused with cannabinoids, like THC and CBD. They are a healthy and highly effective alternative to smoking, but there are some things first-time users should know. A widespread mistake […]

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All About Concentrates

Concentrates are the products of extracting plant matter from cannabis, leaving behind cannabinoids with unique properties. This includes THC, which is known for its euphoric experiences, CBD, which is responsible for healing, and terpenes, which […]

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5 Ways Cannabis Positively Impacts the Planet

Humans have used cannabis for thousands of years for different reasons. From making clothes to creating medicine, cannabis has benefited society in many ways. When you first think about cannabis, your mind probably goes straight […]

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Cannabis & Nausea Relief

There are countless anti-nausea medications available for use. From prescriptions to over-the-counter medicines like Dramamine and everything else between, there seems to be plenty of options for people in dire need of nausea relief. Unfortunately, […]

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Debunking Common Cannabis Myths

When you think of cannabis, what do you think of? Do you think of its ability to help treat pain, anxiety, depression, insomnia, and more, or does your mind stray to negative connotations associated with […]

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Cannabis And Migraine Relief

If you’re someone who suffers from migraines, you know that they can produce intense and debilitating symptoms. They typically start with visual auras, like halos and flashes of light in your vision. This transitions into […]

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How To Dab

Dabbing has been around since 1970. However, the dabbing we are familiar with today did not come into existence until the mid-2000s. The term “dab” can be used to refer to any type of cannabis […]

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Can CBD Treat Anxiety?

The growing legalization of medical cannabis raises many questions to researchers about the effectiveness of the different cannabinoids on medical conditions. One cannabinoid in the spotlight is cannabidiol (CBD). Preclinical evidence suggests that CBD is […]

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